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Metabolic-Robots Products

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Poultry intelligent feeding Robot

Featured Item

The Kai-Zen Feeding Robot is a system that can be installed into any broiler barn around the world. It will:
Reduce the FCR
Reduce the mortality
Reduce the welfare problems
Reduce uniformity problems
Predictive analytics on empty lines
Sick flock alarm on Day 1
10$ communication cost
250$ system price per barn 3-6 feed lines.

Insect Farming Automatic Systems

400kg biomass insect farmer for 5K$ fob.china.

Our new-generation insect farm is the most efficient method to recapture nutrients from organic waste into valuable insect protein. Our systems are modular, can be deployed quickly, is built-to-last and operates with no human labor. Not Mechanized Yet are fully-automated and Rural safe, all supported by our local distributor, breeding and processing services are done by us and farmers only need to put waste into the system. Contact us to find out the value of your biomass 


A Vegan Gluten free egg liquid

We have produced the perfect vegan egg Made of a single ingredient Organic OAT that goes through a proprietary process. Plant-based egg should be an everyday choice. IT'S only 5% of a chickens egg price. It's so easy to use - just follow our recipes for perfect cakes, Knish, Meatloaf, Burger and more, with less fat and NO EGG's . Foods made from OAT save land, water, and energy. It saves chickens from a life of enslavement and suffering. People and Companies who use our product are healthier and bake great cakes as well. They help slow climate change. And produce less waste and harmful emissions.

E.E.P Early Embryos Profile

Broiler performance predictions

Based on tests with the leading hatcheries we have developed a system based on simple sensors, non invasive and very fast. Our E.E.P solution can point to non fertile eggs eliminating candling, it can suggest female eggs with 94% accuracy. The short and straight forward mathematical algorithm allows us to perfectly predict the future performance of the broiler as a chicken in production. With this solution hatcheries can bring perfect flocks to the best farmers to grow outstanding performing animals.

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